Internal reach & wash window cleaning solution

Posted on 26th September 2012

Cleaner, greener, cheaper and quicker

There was a time when ladders and a bucket and sponge were the only available tools of window cleaning, while a head for heights was an essential requirement.

But now, thanks to the ingenuity of its creators in Denmark, internal reach and wash technology has transformed the art of cleaning hard-to-reach places.

Like all the best inventions, it's a simple solution for a common problem, consisting of a lightweight carbon pole, micro-fibre pad and a waist band that takes the strain off the user.

Is it better for the environment?

Among its many benefits, is the fact that it completely eradicates the need for detergent, which is not only good for the environment, but also for cleaning and maintenance budgets.

Instead of using chemicals, the system removes dirt and minerals from glass surfaces with jets of pure, ionised water, meaning there are no harmful bi-products.

Because the powerful jets are so effective, the system also minimises the amount of water needed to clean each surface.

The system is also designed to leave no water at ground level, making it ideal for cleaning indoors in areas with heavy footfall such as reception areas, hotel entrances and shopping centres.

Perhaps its best asset, however, is the fact that it can be operated entirely from ground level.

Not only does this mean people with a fear of heights can no longer shirk their window cleaning duties, but also makes health and safety less of an issue for businesses when cleaning is involved.

Isn't it expensive?

The system is incredibly durable and the pads can be washed and reused several times before needing to be replaced.

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