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Posted on 21st September 2012

The benefits of absorption socks:

As one of the wettest summers on record draws to a close, many property owners are left facing up to the damage left by flooding – not to mention looking for better preventative measures before the next flood strikes.

Increasingly in the UK we're seeing the absorption sock replacing the traditional sand bag as a means of keeping flood water at bay. After witnessing the hugely damaging impact flooding can have, businesses and individuals are switching on to the many benefits of absorption socks.

Although hugely common in the US for some time, it is only in recent years that they have become readily available here in Britain, with flooding seemingly an ever more regular occurrence.

Are they expensive compared to sandbags?

While some homeowners may baulk at the prospect of paying £40 to £50 for something that they may never need to use, the savings they can potentially make by avoiding serious damage to their property can stack up into tens of thousands of pounds.

Then there is the huge amount of stress and upheaval they can prevent by stopping your property from falling foul of rising flood waters or flash floods.

For businesses, meanwhile, the protection the socks give to walkways from water leaks and spillages can pay huge dividends in terms of health and safety liability.

In companies which rely on expensive technology and machinery, the socks can also play a very important role in stopping flood water from destroying their assets. Warehouse stock can also be protected, meaning businesses are able to continue selling products to their customers in the event of a flood.

How do they work?

The secret of their success is the tubular poly material exterior and its super absorbent polypropylene filling. Absorption socks also have the flexibility to conform to just about any surface.

As well as having the capacity to absorb as much as a gallon of water, absorption socks also have staying power. One sock can continue to serve its purpose for several years, with drying them out naturally between uses the only maintenance task needed. In fact, they can even be put in the washing machine for a spin cycle to speed up the drying process.

Are they only used as a flood defence?

Since they are much more slender and aesthetically designed than sandbags, they can also be used as a permanent fixture around the home in areas where rainwater and leakages can cause problems.

By placing them at the edge of garage doors, at the base of washing machines and around water heating systems, they can solve minor domestic water problems at a fraction of the cost of other viable options. They are also suitable for use in soaking up condensation, such as that which collects near refrigerator and freezer units.

Available in varying sizes, absorption socks can be used to create dams around at risk areas in the event of a flood by stacking them on top of each other and can also be strategically placed in higher cupboards or cabinets.

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