A boost to our green drive

Posted on 11th December 2012

A boost to our green drive...

A revolution is underway within the cleaning industry and I'm pleased to say MJF Facilities Management has been instrumental to introducing it to the North East and Yorkshire.

Currently most cleaning products come in liquid chemical form, packaged in plastic containers. As a result of this, once they've been used, plastic containers in their millions are sent to landfill.

But aside from the environmental cost, the practice of using liquid chemicals can be expensive. Storing water, packaging, warehousing and transport costs all add up for businesses reliant on cleaning products, not to mention the cost of the chemicals themselves.

Finally, however, there is a solution to these challenges - Freshclean - a new concept in cleaning.


Is a multipurpose cleaner in concentrated powder form, which significantly reduces the space, cost and environmental impact of using cleaning products.

A 5kg tub of Freshclean will dilute up to 2000 trigger spray refills, with each costing less than 5p. If those trigger sprays were sold full and ready to use, they would weigh 1.6 tonnes and fill two large vans. Multiply those numbers to an industrial scale and the results are mightily impressive.

One 40' trailer can carry 14 tonnes of Freshclean sufficient to make 5.6 Million trigger spray refills which, if ready to use, would weigh 4,564 tonnes.

Crucially though, it is the reduction in plastic containers to land fill that is most impressive about Freshclean.

Given the obvious green benefits and the fact that we are extremely committed towards our ISO 14001 the UK's Environmental Accreditation, we're proud to say we have adopted Freshclean into our business here at MJF Facilities Management.

Product Research...

MJF Facilities Management has carried out extensive research into other cleaning products and their impact on the environment. After thorough analysis of the market, we couldn't find anything that came close to the environmental credentials of Freshclean.

We believe we have selected a product that is the correct fit for our business ethos, and culture and the product has in fact now been introduced to a number of client sites, and will be installed nationally by the end of this month.

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